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History Comes To Life was created in 2012 to continue the programming of Historical Perspectives For Children, which has been offered in the Twin Cities metro area for over twenty years.  Local actors and actresses portray these remarkable people from history and share their story spanning from childhood into adulthood so children can share in the events that shaped their lives and the process they worked through to achieve their goals.

 Justine Carroll Melchior as Marie Curie shares her passion for science.


These dramatic, multi-media presentations are a one person portrayal accented with slides, recorded sound effects, music, and costume changes that help bring these characters to life.  The programs are approximately 40 minutes in length and followed up with 5 minutes for questions with the students and teachers.  Teaching materials are sent out one month prior to the performance. 

Children will experience history as told by the accounts of the people who shaped it with the hopes that maybe someday they will achieve something equally inspiring!

Brad Erickson as Abraham Lincoln explains the 

harsh conditions growing up on the frontier.

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